Marine and Geosciences

Climate change is a decisive factor influencing the physics and ecosystems in oceans and seas. Integrated research addressing these issues is therefore of great social importance. In 2010,the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and the Minstry of Science and Technology (MOST) decided that marine research would focus on the influence of climate change on oceanic conditions and shoreline eco-systems with the following key aspects:

  • increase in water temperature
  • sea water acidity
  • change in the diversity of species and their genetic substance

Collaboration with Israel on marine research began in 1977 in the field of aquaculture systems. The first joint German-Israeli project investigated the development of biological indicators for an early warning system with comprehensive statistical evaluation in Israeli (Mediterranean, Red Sea) and in German waters (North Sea). The reorientation of the cooperation area was initiated with the adoption of the action plan "German-Israelic Cooperation in Marine Sciences and Geosciences" in 2002. On average, EUR 670,000 per year went to the programme. The last announcement was in 2018.