Civil Security

Natural disasters, terrorism, organised crime and major accidents do not stop at national borders. Therefore an alliance in the field of civil security research has been established since 2008, in which Israel and Germany want to combine their competency in science, research, and industry in non-military security research projects to protect their critical infrastructure like energy and water supply, traffic and the transportation of goods, and to sustain the best security for its citizens. Technologies to detect chemical, biological, and explosive hazardous substances, as well as crisis management and disaster control concepts and measures are all part of this.

German and Israeli businesses as well as research institutions jointly conduct projects to research and develop new security products and security solutions. They thereby speed up innovation processes and generate comparative advantages in international high technology markets. In 2009, in a  first joint presentation after the implementation of pilot projects, seven projects were selected for funding.

Up to now, there have been three announcements. Most recently, in August 2018, the BMBF, together with the IIA (Israel Innovation Authority), published a Call for proposals in the research areas of Civil Security and IT Security. Support is given to bilateral projects that seek innovative solutions to improve the protection of the population and the economy, including threats from terrorism, cyber-attacks, organised crime, natural disasters and technical failure. On German side, these announcements have been embedded in the framework of the programmes "Civil Security" and "Self-determined and secure in the digital world".