Collaboration within the Framework of European Programmes

The link to the European research environment is of strategic importance for Israel's research system. EU programmes provide German and Israeli researchers with a great number of additional opportunities to collaborate.

For Israel, cooperation with Europe regarding research and academic relations is of central importance. Cooperation with Germany opened the door for Israel to the European Union's research support and contributed greatly to its integration into the European research environment. European cooperation projects offer both sides manifold possibilities to effectively augment their bilateral cooperation.

Since 1996, Israel has participated, via separate association agreements, in the European Union's framework programmes for research and technological development. Israeli scientists submitted more than 4,100 proposals for the 7th Research Framework Programme (2007 to 2013), of which 754 were approved. The universities participated in nearly 64% of these and industry in 24%. Israel’s main collaboration is with Germany. Within the framework of the 7th Research Framework programme, about half of all the approved Israeli cooperation projects involved German scientists significantly.

On 8 June 2014, Israel signed the Association Agreement to Horizon2020. German-Israeli cooperation continues to be strong under Horizon 2020.

Israel has in recent years drawn strategically nearer to the leading European research organisations and associations. Israel is a full member of the European Network for Market-Oriented Research and Development and is a 'cooperating state' at COST, a European collaboration mechanism in the scientific and technical research area.

In 1998, Israel became a scientific member (without voting rights) of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble. It is also a founding member of the European Molecular Biological Organisation and the European Molecular Biological Laboratory, as well as a member of the European Science Foundation and the European Academy. Israel also enjoys observer status on the committees of the Organisation for Economic Collaboration and Development and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.