German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP)

The programme supports larger, longer-term excellence projects in terms of German-Israeli collaboration. The German Research Foundation has implemented this programme since 2008.

According to a 2004 evaluation, the German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP) is the "Flagship of the German-Israeli Science Cooperation". The German Research Foundation (DFG) has administered the Cooperation since 2008. Three to four projects are selected annually. The focus is on the natural and life sciences, but projects from the humanities are also sponsored. Only seven Israeli institutions may apply:

Potential cooperation partners have to be active in the German science environment.

The application process is two-tiered: the seven Israeli institutions eligible to apply, invite internal project outlines in autumn of each year and may elaborate and submit a choice of up to two proposals for joint research projects. Each institution can then submit two completed proposals for joint research projects on 31 March of each year to the DFG. A subcommittee of the Joint Committee at the DFG – the committee for the German-Israeli Project Cooperation Programme – selects three or four projects from these proposals for funding. A final decision is taken in the December meeting of the Joint Committee. Three to four projects with a maximum duration of five years are accepted for new funding per year. The predefined funding amount per project is a maximum total of EUR 1.655 million. A subcommittee of the DFG steering committee considers the applications and, based on expert advice, forwards an appropriate funding recommendation to the steering committee for its approval.

So far, more than 65 projects have been funded from all disciplines focused on physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. For more information about the German-Israeli cooperation, visit the programme website.