Foundation Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities

The trust supports the collaboration of German and Israeli researchers in the humanities, cultural, and social sciences at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The 'Foundation Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities' at the Hebrew University Jerusalem, was constituted under German civil law and endowed by the BMBF with EUR 20 million. Its aim is to facilitate research projects by means of scholarships for Israeli and German postdoctorates (and, to a limited extent, also for doctorates). This endowment fund was established through a joint initiative of the then Federal Education Minister Annette Schavan and the former rector of the Hebrew University, Prof. Sarah Stroumsa.

Since 2010 five scholars from each country per annum have received scholarships. The grants are awarded for two years. The joint research projects are supplemented in a regular way by colloquia, workshops, and excursions. In 2022, 31 fellows are being supported. In addition, there are already 74 alumni an 2 senior fellows.

For more information see the Foudation's Website.