German Research Foundation (DFG)

Many German and Israeli partners are involved in research projects funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). In addition, the DFG also implements the German-Israeli Project Cooperation programme.

As a central, self-governing organisation of science in Germany, the German Research Foundation (DFG) particularly supports tertiary research in all disciplines. It finances research projects and stimulates researchers to cooperate. In addition, the DFG advises parliaments and public authorities on scientific issues and cultivates contacts between research, trade and industry and foreign scientific activities. The DFG also represents research interests on an international level and maintains bilateral scientific relations with many countries. The DFG specifically focuses on young scientists. Its encouragement of single projects is the basis of its overall concept. Beyond this, it stimulates scientific cooperations (collaborative research centers, research centers, graduate programmes, priority programmes, and research teams) and research infrastructures, e.g. provides or modernizes required large scientific equipment and instruments. Another promotional area is the academic library system, which includes developing new information structures at tertiary institutions.

The scientific collaboration between the DFG and Israel goes back to the 1960s. Since 1970, it has been partially based on the National Council of Research and Development (NCRD) agreement on researcher exchange and the joint facilitation of bilateral symposia.

Today, this cooperation is continued with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space (MOST). There has also been an agreement on scientific collaboration with the Israel Academy of Science and the Humanities since 1993. The DFG is collaborating with the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), which has been independent since 1995 and whose objectives are comparable with its own. Both institutions aim at developing joint funding opportunities through dialogue. Until such time, the DFG’s encouragement of German-Israeli research projects is mainly based on the possibility of also co-financing the Israeli cooperation part of project proposals under the standard procedure. The science partner in Germany needs to be the applicant. 

In 1995, the DGF was the first German organisation to start encouraging trilateral cooperation projects between German, Israeli, and Palestinian scientists in a separate programme. The DFG has administered the German-Israeli Project Cooperation programme (DIP), which is one of the most important pillars of bilateral collaboration and which the Ministery of Education and Research finances, since 2008.

Further information about sponsored projects are accessible through the DFG's information system GEPRIS, specifically in an advanced search under "international.”