DFG German Research Foundation


With funding from the German Research Foundation, numerous German and Israeli partners are involved in research projects. In addition, the DFG implements the German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP).

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is the central self-governing organisation of science in Germany and promotes research projects and cooperation between researchers in all disciplines. DFG pays special attention to the promotion of young researchers. It also represents the interests of research at the international level and promotes bilateral and multilateral scientific cooperation worldwide.

The basis of DFG continues to be the funding of individual projects. Funding is also provided for research networks such as Collaborative Research Centres, Research Centres, Research Training Groups, Priority Programmes and Research Units, as well as for research infrastructure, such as the provision and renewal of the large-scale scientific equipment required at universities.

The DFG’s scientific cooperation with Israel dates back to the late 1960s. Since 1993, there has been an agreement on scientific cooperation with the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (IASH). Cooperation with the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) occupies an important place in the DFG’s collaboration with Israel.

In 1995, the DFG was the first funding organisation to begin establishing a programme to promote trilateral cooperation projects between German, Israeli and Palestinian researchers. The various funding lines were merged in 2015 to form Middle East Cooperation.

Israeli researchers also participate in sub-projects in research groups, priority programmes and special research areas. For example, there is currently a German-Israeli Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio in physics: “Entangled states of matter in complex quantum systems” (University of Cologne; Weizmann Institute; 2016 to 2024).

Information on funded projects is available via the DFG’s GEPRIS information system, especially in the advanced search under the heading “Internationales”. The DFG also implements the German-Israeli Project Cooperation DIP.