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The Minerva Stiftung is a subsidiary of the Max Planck Society. It has been supporting German-Israeli cooperation for about 60 years. Over the decades, several programme lines have been developed, including both individual and institutional funding measures.

As early as 1959, a meeting between scientists of the Max Planck Society (MPG) and the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) led to the initiation of scientific exchange between Germany and Israel. Following this meeting, on 14 March 1960, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer announced a 3 million DM (1.53 million euros) donation to the WIS after talks with Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in New York. It marked the beginning of extensive science funding in Israel. The Minerva Stiftung GmbH (Stiftung is German for foundation) was finally founded in 1964 as a subsidiary of the Max Planck Society (MPG). The Minerva Stiftung cooperates closely with the seven most important Israeli universities and research institutions. Since 1964, the BMBF has funded the Minerva Stiftung with more than 350 million euros.

The most important programmes of the foundation are:

In addition, the Minerva Stiftung supports:

The Minerva Stiftung also supervised the ARCHES Award (Award for Research Cooperation and Highest Excellence in Science). It was awarded by the BMBF from 2008 to 2019 and given annually to two German-Israeli teams of young researchers. The ARCHES Award was endowed with a total of 400,000 euros and was announced alternately for the research fields of natural and engineering sciences, life sciences and humanities and cultural sciences.

Minerva Fellowship Programme,
Minerva Gentner Symposia,
Minerva Schools:

Julia Lechler
Programme Manager

Phone: +49 89 2108 1242
E-mail: julia.lechler@gv.mpg.de

Minerva Weizmann Programme:

Michael Nagel
Programme Manager

Phone: +49 89 2108 1258
E-mail: michael.nagel@gv.mpg.de

Minerva Centers Programme:

Dr. Lou Bohlen
Head of Office

Phone: +49 89 2108 1420
E-mail: lou.bohlen@gv.mpg.de

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