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Current Calls

deadline pre-proposals: 14 August 2024

Cancer Research Cooperation: Call for new Projects 2024

The DKFZMOST programme in cancer research aims to enhance and expand scientific collaboration between scientists from the DKFZ and all academic institutions in Israel. Calls for the submission of proposals are opened every year in spring. On average, 20-30 pre-proposals are submitted. Full proposals are then invited from a short list of about 15 pre-proposals and 6 projects are finally selected. Projects start in September and run for 3 years.

deadline: 18 September 2024

Postdoc Grants in the Humanities and Social Sciences (Jerusalem)

This year the Academic Committee of the Martin Buber Society of Fellows will select up to 8 exceptionally gifted young scholars. Fellows receive a monthly stipend and are encouraged to move to Jerusalem. Scholarships are granted for a maximum of 4 years, beginning 1 October 2025, on the basis of a detailed proposal of a research project of major scope and innovative character.

deadline: 23 September 2024

Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Bonn: Collaborative Research Grant

Applicants from all schools and
disciplines are encouraged to submit funding applications for innovative and sustainable projects built around collaborative research linking faculty from the University of Bonn and HUJI. The research may take place in Germany and/or Israel as long as it is done collaboratively. In 2024, up to two applications will be funded. The project starting date will be 1 January 2025.


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Scientific Contact

Dr Hans-Peter Niller

DLR Projektträger
European and International Cooperation
International Bureau

Phone: +49 228 3821 1468
E-mail: hans-peter.niller@dlr.de