Breaking Barriers: Bridging Science, Business, and Politics

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How has Israel managed to implemented successful structures and processes in science and research? How does Israel achieve such a high transfer performance in these areas, reaching and inspiring its citizens? Associated synergies have positive effects on economic, ecological, political, and societal realms. Ultimately, all participants benefit. The event provides insights into Israel’s performance in these areas and explores learning opportunities for Germany.

The panel will include the following participants:

  • Axel Koch, Chairman of the TransferAllianz, the German Association for Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • Carsten Ovens, (DACH) CEO of the European Leadership Network (ELNET)
  • Karin Prien, Minister of Science of the State of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Dr Eric Zimmerman, Director German Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research & Development

Moderation: Dr Susanne Czech

Date / time4 July 2024 | 5 pm to 6 pm
Location / venueKiel | Hermann Ehlers Akademie
HostHerman Ehlers Akademie