GIF Young Scientists’ Meeting: Small Molecule Activation

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Reducing global emissions and use of clean sustainable energy sources is critical for attaining the net zero emissions goal by 2050 defined by the UN Climate Action.

Activation of small molecules to be used as or from clean fuel sources and value-added chemicals is a large step toward achieving this goal. As the German and Israeli goals are aligned in this aspect, it is crucial to develop new collaborations and networks between the countries, which will lead synergistic work in these fields to accelerate the development of these important solutions.

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Prof. Peter Strasser (TUB)
  • Prof. Lior Elbaz (BIU)
  • Dr. Hannah-Noa Barad (BIU)
  • Thomas Merzdorf (TUB)
  • Pierre Schröer (TUB) und Franziska Nakoinz (TUB)

GIF Young Scientists’ Meetings

The GYSM (GIF Young Scientists’ Meetings) offer a platform for early career scientists from Israel and Germany to meet, become acquainted with each other’s work, learn about funding opportunities, and receive the chance to discuss their ideas with established scientists in their field of research.

The typical 2-3 day workshops are open to a maximum of 20 participants in equal numbers from Israel and Germany.

Date 18 to 20 February 2024
Location / VenueBerlin, Technical University (TUB)
HostGerman Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF)

Application deadline:
15 December 2023