Artificial Intelligence: Standing still is not an option

© Tel Aviv University

On June 26-27, Tel Aviv University hosted the AI Week 2024, a pivotal event that set the stage for critical discussions on the future of AI, its interconnection with cybersecurity, and the challenges ahead.

Speakers underscored the need for sustained investment in both software and hardware to promote Israel’s position as a global hub of AI innovation, particularly in generative AI and foundation and task-specific models, and the central role of cybersecurity in safeguarding technological advancements. Special panels were devoted to emerging ethical and regulatory issues as the next frontier in the AI-powered landscape, as well as geopolitical and sustainability aspects.

One of the speakers was German Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger. She praised Israel’s cutting-edge research and impressive startup landscape, emphasizing the mutual benefits of partnership between Germany and Israel.

The AI Week 2024 ran alongside Cyber Week and the two conferences featured several joint events, including a startup exhibition showcasing AI-driven solutions by innovative Israeli companies, an interactive panel on the Future of Creativity in the Age of Generative AI, and a session on combating online antisemitism: Tech vs. Hate.

Source and full article: TAU