Diverse & Inclusive – special funding for youth exchange 2024

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Diverse & Inclusive – this is a new strategy for German-Israeli youth exchange for the coming years: as part of the expansion of existing networks in German-Israeli youth exchange towards a German-Israeli Youth Office, the aim is to proactively expand the diversity of organisations and participants in the exchange. An additional aim is to reach new target groups that have not previously had the opportunity to participate in German-Israeli exchange programmes. This may be due to social disadvantage, educational disadvantage or physical or mental limitations.

Specific opportunities and funds are made available to promote exchange programmes for which specific and additional costs are necessary for accommodation, support or the realisation of the encounter. The aim is to further open up youth exchange programmes with Israel to the diversity of young people in Germany and Israel.

Additional funding is available for 2024 to support special projects with selected target groups in Germany and Israel: Until the end of the year, 5-10 projects in shortfall can be funded with up to 25,000 euros for encounter programmes in Germany or Israel. The Call for Projects 2024 is aimed at active and interested sponsors of extracurricular German-Israeli exchange cooperation for already planned or new exchange programmes.

© ConAct

Funded by ConAct and the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ)

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