Israel aspires to lead in Artificial Intelligence

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Israel will aim to become a leader in Artificial Intelligence under its new Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Gila Gamliel.

At The Jerusalem Post’s Women Leaders Summit in March, she stated that her goal was to ‘put Israel at the forefront of research and development in Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies’.

‘Together, we will invest in Israeli science and the infrastructure necessary to maintain our comparative advantage,’ Gamliel said. ‘Together, we will make sure that the era of Artificial Intelligence serves the citizens of Israel.’

Gamliel was appointed to her new role this month, when it was announced that her predecessor, Ofir Akunis, would be heading to New York to serve as consul-general.

In August 2023, Israel launched the first stage of a NIS 500 million (USD136 million) National Artificial Intelligence programme, calling on directors-general from various governmental ministries to submit their strategies for integrating AI into their operational frameworks. But, little has been heard of the program since. Last month, a report by Startup Snapshot showed that artificial intelligence investors think Israel needs to catch up regarding AI technology. Less than half (42%) said Israel has a competitive edge in the field.

‘Unlike other sectors where Israel boasts a global competitive advantage, such as cybersecurity or medical technology, the nation has faced delays in establishing itself as a dominant player in AI,’ the report wrote. ‘This delay can be attributed to several factors, including limited access to large-scale datasets necessary for training AI algorithms, stiff competition from established AI powerhouses like the United States and China, and a shortage of skilled AI talent relative to demand.’

Source and additional information: The Jerusalem Post